Five HIPAA-Compliant Direct Mail Tools

In the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance standards are extremely strict. Direct mail marketing in this field must meet certain criteria to ensure privacy and security. Learn about the HIPAA exemption for direct mail marketing, the privacy rules for HIPAA compliant printing and mailing services, and cost-effective HIPAA-compliant mailing tools. You […]

How Can AIT Assist You?

Human Resources Technology can help your organization and create a positive impact on your business. In this series, explore the role technology plays in human resources management (HRM); categories of HR technology, what it can do for you, the benefits of employing this technology, and how it can affect your […]

Popular Digital Advertising Platforms

Digital Marketing is the part of advertising which makes use of digital and web based technologies like mobile phones, desktop computers and other electronic media and networks like the World Wide Web, social networking websites and blogs. Digital marketing aims at building a positive perception in the minds of consumers […]