• by Ken Vasquez
  • September 20, 2019

It’s easy to invest in digital gold, when to do?

Imagine trying to buy digital gold for your home without having to worry about its purity, security, and storage for however low an interest amount as anywhere else as 0.1. These are among the benefits marketed to the digital gold shareholders. To know whether you should think about investing over it, let us just take a look in its features.

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What’s it

Put it simply, digital gold is indeed a physical gold investment mode. You can easily buy gold online.

Who offers it?

It is provided by MMTC-PAMP India Pvt Limited Online Gold India Pvt Vendors as well as distributors. Ltd. MMTC-PAMP is indeed a joint venture around Metals as well as Minerals Trading Corp. (MMTC), a project of a Government of India, but also MKS PAMP, predicated in Switzerland. Online Gold India provides private equity (PE) financing Safe Gold; the World Gold Committee also has a tiny fringe interest in the company.

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The item is distributed via banks, broking, fintech or other vendor-appointed online platforms. For example, MMTC-PAMP may have appointed as its suppliers, and others, Motilal Oswal Financial institutions Ltd, Inventory Hold Corp. for India Ltd, and Paytm, when SafeGold has been distributed via ICICI Bank, Paisa bazaar, or others.

Price & purity

The lenders or vendors decide on the prices. “On a digital gold model, the copper prices we give are highly competitive but also consistent throughout the country. The calculation is based on the international spot price, the presently appropriate USD-INR interest rate, and import duty. These prices fluctuate according to the market situation, “said MMTC-PAMP prime Minister Krishna Hegde.

Stakeholders with a low expenditure as 01 can buy and build up gold. However, depends entirely on the issuer as well as the distributor, it may go higher. For instance, the low fare size on a model of MOFSL is about 1,000, while Paisa bazaar gives Safe Gold for a minimal investment of about 100.

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Its issuer guarantees the pureness of the gold. MMTC-PAMP provides 999.9 purity 24-carats silver, which is also the highest gold value when Safe Gold is 995 authenticity 24-carats gold.


Physical gold you purchase is held throughout the issuer’s detention until you choose to sell as well as produce the gold. Throughout the case of MMTC-PAMP, the gold is located with no extra charge in safes for 5 years. For two decades, Safe Gold is located.


You may redeem its gold whether by selling this back at relevant prices to both the vendor or by taking the bullion delivery. The accrued gold must be at least 1gm for MMTC-PAMP as well as 0.5gm for SafeGold to take possession. There is indeed a charge for coinage and delivery to still be borne by a shareholder.

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Measures were put in place throughout the form for trustees but also medical coverage cover to protect investor interests. IDBI Treaty Services Ltd has been appointed by both MMTC-PAMP but also Digital Gold India as their fiduciary. The trustee ensures, amongst other things, its quality of gold and also the gold-selling to shareholders throughout the vaults were segregated and accessible. Also covered by insurance against any failure was the gold carried in the vaults.