HR Metrics

HR Metrics Service

The SAHRP is pleased to partner with the HR Metrics Service. If you are struggling to show the value of HR or missing the numbers to back your decision-making, the HR Metrics Service can give you the information you need and more. And, as an SAHRP member, you can access the service at a discounted rate.

About the HR Metrics ServiceThe HR Metrics Service makes numbers make sense. It is a national benchmarking service that shows the value of human resources by measuring and comparing the performance of your human capital.

How the HR Metrics Service works:

1. Input
Provide your organizational data. Input a minimum of 19 data points via an easy-to-use, secure and reliable web survey each quarter.

2. Compare
Get a customized report. Once data is validated, the system calculates your metrics and provides you with a customized report every 90 days. This features a comparative view of where your organization scores relative to your peers.

3. Understand
Be the first to know. Identify human capital priorities and analyze the impact of your HR investment on the bottom line. Use this information to make data-driven workforce decisions.

Annual Reports

Not looking to participate on a continuing basis? You can still access comparative benchmark data with a one-time purchase of an annual report.

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